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WordPress Development

Websites, Themes, Plugins, Modifications and more

Fixed price plans based on the number of WordPress websites

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Custom Development

Websites, Mobile & Desktop Applications and more

We offer fixed price plans based on the number of custom websites

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WordPress Development Services

  • WordPress Website Development
  • Theme Development
  • Plugins Development
  • WordPress Custom Solutions
  • WordPress Configuration
  • WordPress Installation & Repair
  • WordPress Optimization

Custom Development Services

  • Custom Website Development
  • Mobile Applications Development
  • Desktop Applications Development
  • Web Applications Development
  • Custom Functionality
  • Applications Configuration
  • Server Configuration and Management

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WordPress Websites

If you want to create your own blog site, a quick web shop, presentation website, portfolio website or an interactive website with a wide variety of functions for your business, then you’ve come to the right place.

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WordPress Theme Development

Theme Development is closely linked to knowing the requirements set by WordPress. Themes enable users to change the appearance of a WordPress-based website without the need to modify the source code or the content of the site.

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WordPress Plugin Development

Plugins are something that turn WordPress into a user-friendly environment for everyone who wants to create their own website quickly, easily, and with minimum costs. WordPress does not offer a great deal of functionalities at initial installation but…

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WordPress eCommerce Development

WordPress is a great choice for those who want to start an e-commerce business. You can do this yourselves by selecting the right configuration of functionalities and plugins – from presentation of your products and description of their characteristics up to the payment methods.

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Custom Websites Development

Every type of development has its pros and cons. Let us start with the cons, as we would like you to be clear what difficulties you may encounter, if you choose custom development.

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Advanced Creativity

Custom building your website, application or modules allows you to design functionality, vision and performance which are not integrated in ready-made modules.

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Third Party Integration

That’s also an easy part in the majority of cases. It is simple because it does not require re-building of general purpose modules. The system, into which integration is desired, has been…

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Flexible and User Friendly

Custom development guarantees independence in product development. It is no way influenced by a specific CMS or by any type module.

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Custom website development? Why not? We can help and build it together with all the specific functionality you may need

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