Why WordPress

Why not?

Job Portal, Social Networking, E-Commerce, Blogs… you name it and WordPress is able to have your wish granted. Undoubtedly, when it comes to the most used and popular system for creating beautiful, responsive and secure websites, WordPress is the first name that springs to mind. There are numerous examples of companies, news dailies of any scale, government websites and others using WordPress as a preferred environment. Some of these include Bloomberg, Time Magazine, The New Yorker, MTV News, LinkedIn, Flickr, Sony Music, the White House and many more.
Let us take a look at some of the benefits of WordPress

Open Source

WordPress in itself is absolutely free and can safely be installed on your server. You will need to provide hosting & a domain name in order to have a place to perform your installation and make your website found and visible.

No matter which industry your business is in, there are many free WordPress themes (as well as premium WordPress themes) and customization options at your disposal. Choose those that suit you best and unleash your business online with little to no funds. Of course, you will need time to engage in this and cope with it on your own.

Moreover, you have a huge number of free plugins available, which you can use to achieve the desired performance in terms of functionalities of your website. All you have to do is form your concept, make a list of the functionalities you want, and search for the appropriate plugins. Then the installation follows, which only takes two clicks and you have a working website.


Creating and publishing a website online is only part of what you need to do. It doesn’t make much sense to have a website that is not visible to people who need the services you offer. Here comes the SEO optimization.
WordPress is a well-developed system that is designed to quickly and easily manage your SEO strategy. WordPress is SEO-friendly. The manner in which the code is structured, as well as the pages and posts links, enables search crawlers to find and index your content quickly and easily. Naturally, when writing articles and adding content you also have to comply with the typographic hierarchy – headings, subheadings, main text and subtext, by marking each type with the appropriate tags.
If you wish to get advanced with SEO optimization, you have plugins available to you which will give you quite detailed information about what is wrong with your content and what you can do to improve your results. Again, it’s completely free. It’s all in your hands.

User-Friendly System

Without any doubt, WordPress is a system that is truly user-friendly compared to the other free systems. It is designed so that you won’t need any knowledge of programming, and you won’t have to write long lines of code to be able to publish your website. You have to install and paste the information you need to reach your customers. You have an administrator panel, from which you easily and quickly set up your website, enter information, add as many pages and posts as you like, and publish videos and photo galleries.


One of the biggest advantages of WordPress when creating business websites is its versatility. Want to create an environment to sell products online? It’s possible. Want to publish your creations as a writer to reach your readers? It’s possible. Want to show your portfolio as an artist? It is also possible, as well as many others.

Versatile and flexible, WordPress is able to meet the smallest to, say, part of your greatest needs. We say ‘part’ as there are situations in which it is better to consider a custom-developed system, in view of expansion, volume of information, and need for specific functionalities. However, whatever we may say, WordPress can certainly cater for the larger percentage of the market’s business needs. It is an adaptive system that is constantly being developed and has a fairly broad coverage of whole communities that contribute to its expansion.

In conclusion

In times of constantly increasing competition both online and offline, it is good to have options for quick change, quick response, and quick adaptation when building your online presence. All of this, combined with low or no costs, is a fairly good reason to choose WordPress as your environment.

  • WordPress allows for quick and easy start without any knowledge of programming and coding
  • WordPress allows for flexibility and customization
  • WordPress is user-friendly and versatile
  • WordPress offers a huge number of free resources such as themes, plugins & features for any needs you may have.

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