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If you want to create your own blog site, a quick web shop, presentation website, portfolio website or an interactive website with a wide variety of functions for your business, then you’ve come to the right place.

What you can expect from us?

Here’s a list of the most common enquiries, which we have responded to:

WordPress theme development

WordPress Theme Development is closely linked to knowing the requirements set by WordPress. It does not merely involve creating a configuration of visual elements, but also paying due attention to the speed of the theme’s performance, the used functionalities, the theme’s security and reliability etc.

WordPress plugin Development

Plugins are something that turn WordPress into a user-friendly environment for everyone who wants to create their own website quickly, easily, and with minimum costs. WordPress does not offer a great deal of functionalities at initial installation. Even if you want to put a gallery with a little bit more images, you will need a plugin. However, where something special needs to be added to cover your business, then custom plugin development might be required. This is a plugin which cannot be replaced by any other plugin available; you cannot take an existing one and rebuild it either. We can create such a plugin for you, but, of course, we will need to find out more about the requirements and the functionality to be performed by it.

Custom WordPress web development

This is an interesting part that changes the whole of WordPress. Created originally as a blogging environment, WordPress allows to be changed to an extent as to become an absolutely unidentifiable system ready to handle a great deal of enquiries and information. It will give you the security and reliability of a stable and efficient system that will serve you long time, while keeping its periodic core updates by WordPress.org

WordPress eCommerce development

WordPress is a great choice for those who want to start an e-commerce business. You can do this yourselves by selecting the right configuration of functionalities and plugins – from presentation of your products and description of their characteristics up to the payment methods. Thanks to Woocommerce, which is a plugin for WordPress that encompasses about 40% of all online stores, you can very quickly reach out to customers who have never heard of your business before. However, should you need some help to create the right ecosystem of plugins, design of consumer panels and interface, good user experience and to use the best SEO practices, please contact us, to discuss and select the best possible solutions for your business.

WordPress theme customization

The option to buy or get a free theme to set the vision for your company is not a new thing. If you manage to find the closest concept that your business needs, then you can start your website for a short time and with minimum or without any redevelopment. If you need a little change though and want to modify an existing theme, we will gladly get this done for you.

WordPress migration and maintenance service

You have a website which needs to be moved from one place to another? You want to keep the entire information on it, as well as the data stored in the databases? Sometimes that could be a challenge, when the existing ones have not been developed with a future migration in mind or, for any reason, there are other difficulties to be overcome. We can help as we have extensive experience and have been confronted with various situations in which migrating a WordPress site was not a flawless experience.

WordPress CMS installation & configuration

You need a fast installation of WordPress or configuring it in the best way to ensure a smooth operation? Here are some of the routine steps that are involved in working with WordPress. As a ready-made system intended for the ordinary user, anybody can start their own website quickly and easily. However, we reach to a point where we need to make additional configurations to make this well-built system work flawlessly, to remain secure against malicious threats, to meet the requirements for speed and code optimization to prevent server overload.

Design to HTML to WordPress conversion

This is a process of converting your HTML design to WordPress. Very often, customers have a ready to go concept which they have been working on until it was finally made to look exactly the way they want it to. We offer to integrate your design into WordPress as per your requirement and add responsive?, as well as various device and browsers support.